Sunday, June 28, 2009

Unofficial eLearning Salary Survey 2009


Launching the Unofficial Salary Survey for eLearning / Content Development Jobs in India for year 2009. There's nothing official about this survey. The survey is not based on responses by companies but based on responses provided by you, the employee. This survey is not associated with any organization. The survey is anonymous.

This survey is for you if you are an Instructional Designer, Project Manager, Graphics designer, Flash Programmer, Tester, Editor, Trainer, SME, or any other role involved in developing elearning or any other form of training content in India. This year I also attempt to find out how the economic conditions have impacted the salary hikes this year?

Visit Learn and Lead participate in the survey. Answer a few simple questions. I will publish the findings on Learn and Lead and here sometime in August.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Inviting Writers for eCube


Starting July, you have the chance to win a surprise gift from eCube each month for next three months. All you have to do is write a post on eCube on anything related to training, learning and education. I'll be giving away one free gift each month for posts on eCube*.

Some suggested areas on which you are write a post:

  • Designing better instruction

  • How to write for different audiences

  • Writing scenarios, dialogs

  • Tips on different type of scenarios for various types of content

  • Project management in instructional design projects

  • Extracting content from SMEs, interviewing SMEs, best practices of involving SMEs in a project

  • Tips on different types of interactivities that can be included in our courses

  • How to learn content

  • Collaboration tips for instructional design projects

  • Selling your design idea to stakeholders

  • Tools for rapid elearning, rapid protoyping

  • LMSs and issues of deploying elearning content

  • Creativity, thinking out of the box

  • Leadership, people mentoring, training and developing instructional design teams

  • Instructional design theories and practices

  • Industry trends in elearning and content

  • Any news about companies that might be of interest to the eCube community

  • Anything related to training, learning and education

Send me an email at manishm at ecube . co . in to register on this site. I will approve your first post before it is published live.

* Fine print:
- There must be at least 4 posts in the month for anyone to be eligible for the gift, even if all four posts are written by one person.

- Your gift will be shipped free within India only.


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