Friday, June 6, 2008

Role of Project Managers in Content Projects

In April, we started the eCube Ponder series. Each month, we will ponder over a topic. Please respond by leaving your comments for this post. If you post a response in your blog outside this blog, leave a link to your response in the comments.

Here’s the June eCube Ponder:

What is the role of Project Manager in content projects? Do we even need project managers, especially for smaller projects? What skills should project managers possess for being effective in the role? What contribution should project managers be making to the project and what should they stay out of?

It will be good to get project managers also respond to this ponder.


Lakshmi on June 9, 2008 at 11:50 AM said...

To my mind, the role of a project manager in any project (content, software or even something completely unrelated like construction…) is:

• to set goals and objectives for the project – based on expectations of stakeholders
• ensure that the project meets those goals and objectives

To do this, the project manager needs to manage resources (non-people & people), schedules, project scope, cost, communication, risk and last but not the least (excuse the cliché!) quality. (The third and latest edition of PMBOK has more details on many of these areas.)

So, I would say, a PM is required for a small project too to ensure success – does it need to be a separate person – maybe not. In a smaller project, any of the project members could play the PM role too provided they have the requisite skills.

The question “What should they stay out of?” does not have one best answer. I would say “It depends…on the project of course!” The question is best addressed by clearly identifying the role and responsibility of each project team member and then ensuring people perform their role.

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