Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rebooting eCube

A few months back, my hosting service provided informed me that they are shutting down the hosting business. After contemplating options, I have moved eCube to Blogger platform, primarily because it is free even for using a custom domain. URL and RSS feed is the same so you should not have to change anything.

eCube started about two years ago as an experiment of constructivism learning, an attempt to create a collaborative learning environment to share and learn with each other. Over last two years, 15 authors shared their thoughts on more than 100 posts. eCube was also used as part of a training program with participants discussing their thoughts on Gagne’s Events of Instruction.

It’s been a journey full of learning with some very exciting posts. I will continue to share with you things I find interesting and useful about elearning and workplace learning.

Encourage | Engage | Explore

For those interested in the technical gory details, it wasn’t easy to migrate from self-hosted Wordpress to Blogger. There aren’t really any easy tools available for conversion. I tried Wordpress to Blogger Google Code project. This works well but is limited to files less than 1MB only. There’s a downloadable version of this tool also available but that looked too complicated for me to handle. Then I found Blog2Blog tool that I finally used. Unfortunately this tool doesn’t convert comments and tags (labels), so these have been manually updated. The other challenge was that all posts appear under my name. I haven’t yet found a way to assign individual posts to specific authors so I have added a note for who the author of the post is for posts not written by me. Moving post pictures was also done manually. While the pictures were appearing on Blogger, they were referenced to the old Wordpress location, which is not available anymore. So the pictures had to be imported to blogger and references changed manually.


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