Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Design ...

We design. We breathe design, we live design. We talk design…
Design should be sound, should reflect the objectives well. It should be user friendly, should have great usability, good navigation, and interface, so on and so forth. There are several requirements for a good design. But as Ranit correctly asked what is design? Do we have a generic definition for the same?
Let's try...
To start with generic definition, Design means plan, outline
Antonyms are disorder, and disorganize.
As per thesaurus : Design as noun can be defined as:

  • An element or a component in a composition :device, figure, motif, motive, pattern.
  • A method for making, doing, or accomplishing something: blueprint, game plan, idea, layout, plan, project, schema, scheme, strategy. What one intends to do or achieve: aim, ambition, end, goal, intent, intention, mark, meaning, object, objective, point, purpose, target, view, why. Idioms: end in view, why and wherefore.

In generic terms Design as verb can be defined as:

  • To form a strategy for: blueprint, cast, chart, conceive, contrive, devise, formulate, frame, lay, plan, project, scheme, strategize, work out. Informal dope out.
  • To work out and arrange the parts or details of: blueprint, lay out, map (out), plan, set out.
  • To have in mind as a goal or purpose: aim, contemplate, intend, mean, plan, project, propose, purpose, target.

These are generic components of any design. They apply on one and all kinds products and services. To further enhance my learning on the same, do post your opinions.


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