Thursday, September 20, 2012

Modern Media Training

We are living in a new environment, where technology is part of our
everyday lives ‐ and is a cost effective method of communication. I read an article on using Modern Media for Training. I found some suggestions given in the article very good. They are also cost effective ways for training. Sharing some of these methods:

1. Consider creating a blog that discusses the curriculum and solicits feedback about it. You can also think about creating a Facebook page for the training, especially if it is a general
course without proprietary information. Use the page to market and gain followers, even
before the course rolls out. You can also use Twitter to put out short informational pieces
regarding the curriculum.

2. Twitter is a very popular method of communication, so why not have participants "tweet" from class? This is a great way to gather momentum and gain followers, especially if your audience is spread out over a large geographic spectrum.

3. The Facebook page is also a good place to make assignments, assign reading, and
other class related activities.


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