Monday, February 18, 2008

Generation Gap and E-learning

Last Sunday, I was watching the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Littl Champs TV show; I was simply amazed at these little kids ability to sing like seasoned pros, at an age when some of them are not even expected to be talk properly! Just shows how fast the new generation learns!

Somewhere down the line, doesn't the same apply to all learners? Isn’t there a considerable difference in the way people of different generations learn? Doesn't a 10th grader of today learn much faster than how a 10th grader used to learn about 10 years back?

Therefore, doesn't it mean that while creating training materials, we need to keep in mind this generation gap? A small example: The amount of content we ideally cover in a single WBT page is still based on research conducted at least a decade back. However, in this one decade, hasn’t there been a sea change in the processing power and attention span of human brain?

Although e-learning has gained tremendous acceptance in the overall training arena, there still is a vast majority of higher-ed students who can be lured into learning electronically; And for that to happen, it’s important to recognize that these learners indeed learn very differently, and much faster.


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