Saturday, March 1, 2008

Top 5 ways to Muck Up a project kick-off call

Scenario: A kick-off call is scheduled with an important customer. The customer is working with your organization for the first time and you want to make an impression. During the kick-off, you are required to introduce the team, discuss project timelines and processes, confirm scope of work and demonstrate a sample prototype/design over a web conferencing tool.
  • Book a conference room for the meeting and sit far away from the speaker phone such that you are barely audible.
  • Intentionally overwrite you final kick-off PPT 5 minute before the call and rely on your memory for the meeting.
  • Don’t pre-inform the customer that you will be using a web conferencing tool
  • Start installing the tool after dialling into the call and keep everyone waiting while you chat with your team in hushed tone.
  • Don’t give the customer a chance to ask questions and clarify his understanding


Jaideep said...

Submitted on 2009/02/25 at 5:27pm
Have been guilty of some of the above in the past. Glad to know that i am not alone:)

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