Friday, March 14, 2008

If I May..."The Tastemaker"

How many times have you heard… “hey this looks fine, but the tastemaker is missing”!!!

I just heard it recently after someone reviewed my design.(… and thanks to the someone-PSM!)
So what is the tastemaker…ofcourse the key ingredient that makes your stuff wow! And why do I write “stuff” because I now apply the “tastemaker theory” to almost everything I do- design, script, review, construct….and cook!
It went like this..when we started with the “IAAB-Individual As a Batch” training program, I was asked to design a very very explicit Corp LLD-low level Design...I winced thinking my facts and principles are better…then I spend time musing…the feeling did not pass…I was apprehensive to start the design. Finally I did and Wow! I learned about the “Raho na Raho” principle-and the Tastemaker Theory!!!
Let me know spread the gyan…
Raho-na-raho- create a design such that if you vanish to another planet, the aliens here can safely take it to execution. They will not need to contact you ever!
Tastemaker Theory-Yummy! Create a design with that extra dash of Zing! Something that makes your audience say yum-give us some more! That little dash of flavor that makes all the difference!

The Guru who propounded both the theories is here in NIIT, and here is a public THANK YOU to Ron…for all that I learned!!


Kuljit on March 18, 2008 at 11:14 AM said...

I would like to second that Arti.
I also got to know about this "tastemaker" theory a la Maggie style!!
And must thank Ron and PSM for the same!!

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