Monday, March 10, 2008

Best Practices for Working from Home

So, guys on Manish’s advice I am listing a few WFM practices that worked well for me. (I worked for a stretch of 3 days from home and other times for lesser duration)

· Start your day earlier because you email access/ other IT infra at home is never as good as office, so it is good to be on top of things before your team logs in.
· Keep people informed of your work/availability status. It’s a good idea to share your calendar with your immediate team.
· Always mark calls, team meetings etc. on the calendar.
· Inform your team if you plan to step out for a while.
· Take complete responsibility of the work/delivery deadlines irrespective of the infra you have in place, or else you risk your credibility
· Budget for an alternate business or personal number - If you use your personal number as your business number during WFM - ensure that your friends and foes are aware that you will be on office calls for the day. Provide them an alternate number if possible.
· Pick up the phone and speak to the team, if required. Ensure that you do not become a prey of the myth that physical absence from the office means that you are holidaying.
· Don’t be shy of taking the lead in calls and meetings.
· Plan for power cuts – Very critical for employees who decide for long-term WFM in Delhi. Always be prepared for power cuts and ensure there is an efficient cybercafé facility around the corner.

At the end of the day sincerity towards your work counts the most. People would know if you are whiling away time whether at office or home. :)


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